Based in the United Kingdom, we've been supplying backing tracks to professional entertainers for over five decades!

In the late 90's we anticipated the meteoric rise in popularity of the mp3 music file format, so created the MP3 Backing Trax website to embrace the then new MP3 technology.

We were the first on the internet to offer downloadable backing tracks.

Supplying backing tracks online helps us deliver them quicker to you, the customer and is more environmentally-friendly, reducing the need for CD's, Cassettes, Minidiscs and DAT tapes etc.

Our professional staff are all experts in their own particular fields of entertainment, and are ALL regular gigging singers and musicians. Put simply, they "walk the walk" so are qualified to "talk the talk"!

Every backing track has been carefully produced to sound at it's very best when used in a live on-stage environment. We are all gigging pro entertainers ourselves and know the quality and types of arrangements we need for our professional performances - so we know and understand what you're looking for too!