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Kenny Campbell Software Creator
Kenny Campbell

Dear Fellow Entertainer,

If you've ever tried to create a webpage using cumbersome html editors like Microsoft Front Page or Dreamweaver you'll know that these programs are very expensive and extremely complicated to use.

Employing a web designer to create a website for you is certainly an option, but as you probably know, web designers charge hundreds of £££'s to create websites for entertainers like you and I and often keep charging you everytime you want them to make even the smallest changes to a picture or some text etc...

That's why I decided to do something about it...

I reckoned there must be thousands of entertainers out there, just like me, who are looking for an inexpensive way to create a slick, professional, entertainment webpage...without having to pay the crazy prices web designers and hosting companies charge!

So I designed a powerful software
program that does just that...

Desktop Webpage Creator is the result of many months of
hard work, talking to fellow entertainers, just like you, and
asking what features you need

Here's what you told me:

tick...It must be inexpensive

tick...It must be easy to use and must be able to build webpages quickly (many of you told me of your frustration trying to code webpages using complicated programs like Front Page and Dreamweaver).

tick...It needs to be able to create professional looking webpages to reflect your professional act

tick...It must offer a choice of designs to suit your particular act and reflect your professional image

tick...The program must run on your desktop computer

tick...You must be able to add your own custom hyperlinks so you can send visitors to other websites of interest.

tick...You don't want to be bothered with the constant headaches normally associated with web hosting like server maintenance, downtime, ftp configurations and uploading etc.

Phew! What a list!

...And the good news is that I've managed to
provide ALL of the above features...PLUS more!

In addition to the list above, Desktop Webpage Creator also:

tick...displays EVERYTHING about you and your act all on one single webpage (a recent study on internet behaviour by experts revealed that most visitors to websites don't read any more than the first page of a website before clicking away to another website).

tick...gives you a choice of 10 great website designs to suit every type of entertainment act you can imagine.

tick..."embeds" a Google search box in to your webpage, so that you and your visitors can search Google DIRECTLY from your webpage.

tick...can be used to create stand-alone webpages for publishing to your own webspace, or I can host them for you for free on our YourSpace section of the MP3 Backing Trax website - put simply, this means you get FREE WEB HOSTING for any amount of entertainers web pages you care to create using Desktop Webpage Creator - even webpages you create and sell to others!

tick...can be used to create an unlimited number of entertainers websites - make your money back over and over again by creating and selling webpages to other entertainers you know (in fact one of our customers uses this software to create literally dozens of webpages for entertainers he knows...and sells them for £30 each)!

If You Can Type A Letter In Microsoft Word,
You Can Use This Software To Easily
Create Webpages!


...And Just Look At The 10 Great
Webpage Designs You Get...!

software program 1

Webpage Design 01
software program 2

Webpage Design 02
software program 3

Webpage Design 03
software program 4

Webpage Design 04
software program 5

Webpage Design 05
software program 6

Webpage Design 06
software program 7

Webpage Design 07
software program 8

Webpage Design 08
software program 9

Webpage Design 09
software program 10

Webpage Design 10

"...So, how much does this powerful software program cost...?"

Well, I know that complicated web design programs like Front Page and Dreamweaver cost £200 - £300 (and you almost need a college degree to operate them!), and a good web hosting package costs between £30 and £70 per year or more to host your webpages....so...

How much would you expect to pay for a software this powerful,
and this easy to use, taking in to account all the time and effort
that went in it's research and design and the amount of money
you can make selling the webpages you create with it to others?

£300?...£200? perhaps?

Nope...! In fact, I'm not even going to charge you £100!

...you can download this easy to use software
PLUS the 10 Entertainment Web Templates
right now for a special ONE-TIME low price of:
(approx $20 USD)

Desktop Webpage
Creator Program
10 Entertainment
Web Templates

That's a massive 80% off PLUS Free
hosting on the MP3 Backing Trax Server!

software boxThat's right, you could be creating unlimited entertainers webpages in less than 5 minutes from now...without having to know a thing about html code or web design!

Order Now!

So, let's just re-cap what you're getting for £49.90 £9.95

tick...an inexpensive powerful, easy to use software program which builds professional looking webpages quickly and costs just a fraction of other html editors - if you can type, you can use this software

tick...free web hosting at MP3 Backing Trax for the entertainers webpages you create

tick...the ability to make your money back 10, 100 or 1000 times over by selling webpages you create with the software to friends...

tick...a choice of designs to suit your particular act and reflect your professional image

tick...program runs on your local computer so you can get your webpage looking exactly how you want it BEFORE publishing it to the internet for all the world to see

tick...ability to add hyperlinks to other websites

tick...none of the headaches normally associated with web hosting like server maintenance and ftp uploading

tick...everything displayed in one single webpage (visitors are more likely to read the full page and not click away so soon)

tick...a Google search box "embeded" in to your webpage, so that you and your visitors can search Google DIRECTLY from your webpage

tick...ability to create unlimited stand-alone webpages for publishing to your own webspace or publish them on the MP3 Backing Trax website

tick...a Bonus pdf ebook (which normally sells for £4.97) revealing how best to promote your act on the world wide web

tick...a Bonus pdf ebook revealing the best offline marketing tactics available to entertainers today

tick...a 5% discount off all professional backing tracks you purchase from the MP3 Backing Trax website (where backing track prices start at only £3.99...less your discount of course)!

That's right...you can create unlimited webpages for you and all your entertainer friends, I'll host them all FOR FREE on the MP3 Backing Trax web server...and it won't cost you one single penny more than £49.90 £9.95!

"...Why such a low price?" I hear you ask!

Reason 1
I'm personally tired of paying through the nose for all those high-priced complicated web design software programs that require you to have a degree in computing science to operate them and just don't get you anywhere.

Reason 2
£49.90 £9.95 is a price which puts this great software within the reach of everyone, even entertainers who haven't started doing their first gigs yet and are still trying to build their act and an internet presence.

Reason 3

I want to see if other entertainers feel the same way as I do and want low-priced software which is dedicated to doing one single-purpose job really really well, rather than expensive programs which make you pay for "bells and whistles" you'll never ever use. If so, then I'll be creating many more similar priced products in the future...


software box...So, order right now for this special ONE-TIME low price of:

(approx $20 USD)

Desktop Webpage
Creator Program
10 Entertainment
Web Templates

What A Deal!

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(even if it's 2 a.m.)!

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I'm totally confident that the powerful features contained in this software makes it, without doubt, the very best inexpensive webpage creation software available for professional entertainment acts today.

Yours Sincerely

Kenny signature

P.S. Seriously, just £49.90 £9.95 for a software program that can do what this software does is an offer that's too good to pass on!

P.P.S. Remember, after you buy this software you can sell all the webpages you create with it and make your money back 10, 100, or even 1000 times over! If you charge another entertainer even just £30 to create a webpage for him using this software, you'll have made your money back 3 times over the first time you use it!

Minimum System Requirements
PC (sorry Mac fans)!
Windows 98, 2000, ME, XP, Vista
500MHz processor or above
128 MB RAM or above


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