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"The Ultimate Handbook For Any Entertainer Who Wants More Work And More Exposure For Their Act"

Dear Fellow Entertainer,

Kenny Campbell Ebook Author
Kenny Campbell

When I speak to all my entertainer friends in the music business, they usually tell me the same thing...they all wish they could increase the amount of work they get, earn more money from each gig they do, and make more headway in forging their act forward and up to the next level.

Most of them already have websites (and many have spent fortunes having them designed and hosted), but they all admit that their super-duper flashy websites just don't seem to attract as many visitors as they'd hoped for, and they seem to reap little reward from them.

Most describe their websites, which they were once so enthusiastic and excited about, as now being nothing more than a long-running advert for their act which gets very few "hits" (visitors) and sits out there in cyberspace, surrounded by zillions of other entertainers websites, waiting for the odd interested visitor to stumble across once in a blue moon!

So that's why I decided to write this 18 page report about how to promote your act on the internet.

If all you think you need to do is throw up a half-decent website and wait for agents, bookers and fans to beat a path to your door...think again!

In this report, you'll discover:

tick...The secrets of how to increase the popularity of your act by marketing yourself cleverly on the internet...

tick...What's best, one-page websites or multi-page websites, and how an internet behavioural study affects how well both of these types perform

tick...A list of free resources you can use to get more internet traffic (visitors) to your site

tick...How to go about planning a website, the most important design elements, and how to save up to 80% of the design costs

tick...How to choose and buy the right domain name, names to avoid, and what to do if the domain name you want is already taken (plus the hidden costs and dangers you could face if you don't buy from the right domain name provider)

tick...How to get search engines like Google, Yahoo, MSN etc to index your website higher in their search reults and give you better rankings...

tick...Why you should avoid Search Engine Optimization companies and what these companies DON'T tell you that could lead to your website being completely banned by the major search engines like Google, Yahoo, MSN etc.

tick...Ways to monetize your website and make IT work for YOU, including how to make your website generate income for you automatically - your website can be making you money even while while you're asleep!

tick...How to enhance your site with lots of rich multi-media while avoiding heavy bandwidth charges for running these applications...I'll tell you where to get free bandwidth and at the same time, extra exposure and publicity for your act!

tick...The secret of "how get an edge" over all the other acts trying to secure that all elusive recording contract, as revealed by a music industry insider friend of mine. If you think acts get record deals these days by sending out demos to record companies, inviting them to your gigs to see you, showcasing your act on talent shows, or starting off on smaller independant labels then moving up the ladder from there.....you'd be wrong!

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P.S. Think about it for a moment...for the price of what you'd normally pay for a burger and fries at your local takeaway, this ebook could help rocket you and your act to the next level - that's an offer that's got to be just too good to pass on!

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