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"Top Secret Strategies That Will Make Your Website Rocket Up The Google Search Engine Rankings "

After years of testing and analyzing how Google really works, this explosive eBook now tells all!

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Kenny Campbell

If you've spent time, money and effort setting up a website to promote your talents, then it makes perfect sense that you'll want people to find it, right? And the best way to get people to find your website is to get it ranked highly in the search engines – especially the world’s top search engine, Google…

But Google is a minefield, there are hundreds of factors that determine your websites page rank in Google, and navigating through that minefield takes a lot of work, a lot of skill, a lot of time, and a lot of trial and error...until now!

In this eBook, I tell-all and let you in on the secret strategies I've been using for more than 10 years to get good Google rankings for all my websites (if you don't believe me, just go to Google and type in "mp3 backing trax" or "sensational artists" and see who comes out top of Google ;-)

You see, I've spent years constantly working on SEO (Search Engine Optimizaton), testing and analyzing website statitistics for dozens of companies I've been involved with. I've listened to and worked with a variety of search engine experts and gurus over the years and I've noted all the strategies that work, and thrown away all the ones that didn't work.

The result is this 13 page, easy-to-read, eBook report which will help your website rocket up the Google search engine rankings. You won't have to spend 10 years learning how to navigate around Google because I've done all the work for you! Now you can jump right in and start improving your websites Google rankings today!

Whether you're new to search engine strategies or have been promoting your website for years, this report is a real eye-opener...

In the report, I reveal:

tick...how Google really works...

tick...who or what decides where your web pages should rank..

tick...3 factors when it comes to Google ranking that are more important than all the other hundreds of factors put together...this explosive information could save you months or even years of work, and is worth the price of the eBook alone!

tick...why the code behind your pages is as important as the text on your pages...

tick...the scams to avoid which could get your website banned...

tick...why some links to your website could do you more harm than good...

tick...how to read server IP addresses and why they are so important...

tick...how to beat the competition...

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