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"Take your act to the next level - get the edge over all the other acts on Myspace by using these simple yet effective tips and tricks"

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Kenny Campbell

If you are in the entertainment business, then you probably already know that "being on Myspace" is a must if you want to get your act noticed. Most of the entertainers I speak to have all heard of Myspace and know the benefits of having a Myspace website, but for some it's all new to them. But interestingly, they all seem to have encountered very similar problems - those who don't have a Myspace website are not sure the best way to go about getting one up and running and how to get the best out of it, while the others who do have Myspace websites tell me that their websites are sitting there on the Myspace website looking like a lame duck, half finished, not looking particularly attractively designed, and with very few Myspace friends (lots of Myspace friends are really important if you want to promote your act properly and efficiently).

So, I set about writing this 12 page report on Myspace for entertainers which takes you by the hand and shows you how to really harness the power of this social networking giant.

Whether you are new to Myspace or just want to give your stale Myspace website a bit of a kick-start, you'll find plenty of handy tips, tricks and hints that will let you take your Myspace website, and ultimately your act, to the next level.

In the report, you'll discover:

tick...how to go about opening a Myspace account and getting started...

tick...how to edit your Myspace website in such a way that it will encourage visitors to keep coming back again and again...

tick...the pitfalls to avoid when uploading photos, music, and videos...

tick...how you can leap-frog the competition and use Myspace to promote yourself using marketing techniques that will give your act the edge over the others...

tick...a sneaky but perfectly legal way to swell your friends list really quickly and get recording industry executives to take notice of you (this advice is worth more than the price of this report alone)!...

tick...How to "sell" on Myspace even though technically it's a non-commercial site...

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