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Hi Fellow Singer

The P.A (public address) system is the most expensive and important part of a professional singer’s equipment, therefore time should be taken to find out about the different parts of the P.A system, what they do, and how much they cost.

I know of many fantastic singers who have lost work (i.e not invited back to work at venues) simply because they performed with a badly set up P.A. system with a poor sound. P.A. systems are the tools of your trade and if you don’t have the correct tools for the job, or don't use them properly, you will never be able to do a good job, no matter how good a singer you are.

Although some venues will have their own in-house P.A. system, as a professional singer it is usually your responsibility to supply a P.A. system adequate for the job. So not only do you need to know what type of P.A System to buy for the type of act you perform and the size of venues you perform in, you also need to know how to set the P.A. System up to give you (and your audience) the best possible audio quality.

My report "P.A. Systems - A Buying Guide And Set Up Instructions" is an introduction to P.A. Systems for anyone who intends to buy and set up their own P.A. System. After reading my report, you'll never again feel intimidated by all the knobs, dials, sliders and mass of cables that make up a P.A System. I also reveal a secret about mixing desks which will have you operating a multi-channel desk the length of a bus just as easily as a small 6 or 8 channel desk!

Also in this 16 page report you'll discover:

tick...Why a P.A system is only as good as its weakest link

tick...How to guage the size of amplifier you'll need for a venue

tick...How to match your speakers to your amplifier - get this wrong and you could blow your whole P.A System!

tick...Spotting the "lemon" and other dangers to avoid when when buying second-hand speakers

tick...The two most important things you should have firmly in place before even contemplating buying a P.A system and turning professional

tick...The best areas on your stage to position your speakers and mixing desk for maximum sound quality

tick...How to avoid feedback (microphone squeel)

tick...The difference between the volume control and the trim control (even though both appear to do the same thing)

tick...Setting EQ (treble, mid, bass) for your microphone and backing tracks to achieve the optimal quality

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P.A. Systems - A Buying Guide And Set Up Instructions

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