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AOL Problems


AOL Problems
AOL users should not use the AOL email or the built-in browser that comes with AOL to order Trax as they use a proprietary protocol that does not play well with other software.

There are many issues with AOL email, mainly problems with their "over eager" or "aggressive" mail filters (which are only supposed to block spam but, in reality, block many legitimate emails too).

The AOL email program is also guilty of breaking links in the emails you receive so when you try to click on a link, it doesn't open the way it should (and in some cases just blocks it completely)!

There are also many issues with AOL's built-in browser, especially when using Microsoft products. AOL users should start the AOL connection, and then minimize the windows and open Microsoft Internet Explorer, Netscape, or Mozilla.

How To do this
1. Connect to the Internet just as you would normally through your AOL browser.
2. Once you're connected minimize your AOL browser window
3. Open Microsoft Internet Explorer (the big blue "E" icon usually found on your desk top), or
click on your computer Start> Programs> Internet Explorer
4. In the Explorer browser, type in to the address bar (or copy the
shortcut and paste it into the address bar).

You'll now be able to view our complete web site and you shouldn't have any problems ordering or downloading.

Why is this necessary?
AOL's browser (and their email program) is designed to function differently than most other browsers, so it reads the content of an email or a web page differently. Consequently if you are viewing a web page in AOL you may not see 100% of the content that the web page has to offer, and the page may not display as the webmaster intended it to.

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