recording backing tracks in a studioWith Your Own CD, You Can Be A Success
In The Music Business, Earn Lots of Extra
Cash At Your Gigs Selling Your CD, Make
Demo CD's To Send Out To Agents, Bookers
And Venues...the Possibilties Are Endless...

Free Recording Studio Software

"Say goodbye to expensive recording studio fees forever! Now you can record as many albums as you like, whenever you like, in the privacy of your own home using your own computer...and best of all, it's FREE!"

Save hundreds - no more hiring expensive recording studios
No costly upgrades - this is a FULL VERSION software
Sing and record your album when it suits you instead of when it suits your local recording studio
Overdub and add effects like reverb etc
Burn CD's of your album - sell them at gigs, send out demos to recording companies
Software is open-source (so is constantly being updated and always remains free)
Multi-track audio editing
Windows, Mac, Linux



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