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Protect your backing tracks and
your computer by activating
the guest account


Protecting your computer

Do you have friends or family who use your computer? If so, here's a simple tip that will prevent them accidentally deleting important files like your backing tracks or making disastrous changes to your system.

Windows PC's and Mac computers allow you to create guest accounts, yet very few users utilize this built-in function.

When a friend, colleague, or family member uses your computer via the guest account, it doesn't ask for a password to log in but it does restrict the level of access the guest has to that computer, it's programs, and it's system files.

The guest can use the programs on your computer, but they can't make any changes to the programs.

Also they can't access your personal files (which means they won't be able to delete your backing tracks by mistake!), they can't download and install any software, and they can't make any changes to the way your system is set up.

So here's how to activate the guest account on your computer and protect yourself:

Windows XP
To activate the guest account in Windows XP, go to Start > Control Panel and double clickon User Accounts. Click the Guest Account and select "Turn On The Guest Account".

Windows Vista
To activate the guest account in Windows Vista, click Start > Control Panel and In Classic View double click User Accounts. Select “Manageanother account.” Click on the Guest account, then click "Turn On".

Mac OS X
To activate the guest account on an Apple Mac, open System Preferences and click Accounts. Select Guest Account and click "Allow guests to log into this computer"

Oh and one last thing. Make sure you ALWAYS log out before you walk away from your computer or else the next user who walks up to your machine will be logged in as you, not a guest! To log out, hold down the Windows key and press L. This will lock your PC while leaving you logged on. When you come back, enter your password and it'll resume where you left off.

If you haven't done so already, activate the guest account on your computer NOW and help protect your backing tracks and your computer...

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