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How To Tell The Difference Between
The Different Bose L1 Models...


The Bose L1 radiator speaker system has become something of a sensation since it was launched a few years ago, and for good reason - the quality of the sound the Bose L1 produces is nothing short of brilliant.

However like most pieces of musical equipment, the Bose L1 has gone through a variety of product updates and changes through the years.

The most notable change to the later Bose L1's is the change Bose made to the power output of the L1.

The L1 Classic had 3 x 250w amps (750w total output), but the later L1 Model 1 and Model 2 had only 2 x 250w amps (500w total output).

Although Bose claim that the 500 watt versions of the L1 are every bit as loud as the 750 watt versions due to some tweaks they did to the new system, we have found this not to be the case.

When the new 500 watt L1 was introduced, the musicians here at MP3 Backing Trax conducted tests over the space of a week at a number of live gigs.

We used the Bose L1 model 1 in a variety of different sized and shaped rooms and venues.

We also tested it in "quiet" gigs where the audience were subdued and attentive, and in "busy" gigs where the audience were rowdy and noisier.

Our findings were that the 500 watt version of the Bose L1 was VERY noticably quieter than the 750 watt model.

Since those tests we made (which the Bose representitive in the UK declined to attend by the way - I wonder if he anticipated what our findings would be!), many MP3 Backing Trax customers have wrote to me to say they have had similar experiences.

One of the most common questions I am asked by customers who have bought Bose L1's (both new and second-hand) is "How can I tell the difference between the Bose L1 750 watt version and the Bose L1 500 watt version".

To find out which Bose L1 you have, look at the controls on the power stand and compare them to the pics below:

750 Watts

Bose L1  750 watt version 1
(produced from 2003 - 2005)

Bose L1  750 watt version 2
(produced from 2006 - 2007)

500 Watts

Bose L1  500 watt version
(produced from 2007 on...)

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Article Written by Kenny Campbell
(This article cannot be reproduced without express permission)

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