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Backing Tracks by Artists Names Beginning With A

Caught in the middle - F (orig key)
Caught in the middle - D (male key)

Dancing Queen - G (female key)
Gimme gimme gimme - Dm (orig key)
Knowing me knowing you - D (orig key)
Mama mia - D (orig key)
Mama mia - A (male key)
Money money money - Dm (female key)
SOS - F (orig key)
Super trouper - D (female key)
Take a chance - Bb (female key)
Waterloo - C (female key)
Waterloo - G (male key)

Chasing pavements - Eb (orig key)
Make you feel my love - Bb (orig key)
Make you feel my love - E (male key)
Rolling in the deep - Eb (orig key)
Set fire to the rain - F (orig key)
Someone like you - A (orig key)
Turning tables - Eb (orig key)

Because I got high - Gb (male key)
Because I got high - C (female key)

Release me (Agnes) - F (orig key)

Al Green
Let's stay together - Eb (male key)

Alan Jackson

Alan Jackson and Jimmy Buffet

Alesha Dixon
The boy does nothing - Ebm (orig key)

Alexandra Burke
Bad boys (without rap) - Ab (orig key)
Bad boys (without rap) - F (female key)
Broken heels - Ebm (orig key)
Hallelujah - F (orig key)
Hallelujah - C (male key)

Alexandra Stan
Mr Saxobeat - Bm (orig key)

Alicia Bridges
I love the night life - B (female key)

Alicia Keys
Empire state of mind - Gb (orig key)
No one - E (orig key)

Alison Moyet
Old devil called love - Ab (orig key)

All Saints
Never ever - Db (orig key)
Pure shores - Db (female key)

Allanah Myles
Black velvet - Ebm (orig key)

Aloe Blacc
I need a dollar - Abm (orig key)

Fascination - A (orig key)

Ami Stewart
Knock on wood - B (male key)
Knock on wood - E (female key)

Amy Dalley
Men don't change - Db (orig key)

Amy MacDonald
Mr rock and roll - A (orig key)
Mr rock and roll - G (female key)
Mr rock and roll - Eb (male key)

Amy Winehouse
Rehab - C (orig key)
Valerie - C (male key)

Cowboys and kisses - Ab (female key)
Heavy on my heart - Dbm (orig key)
I'm outta love - Abm (female key)
Left outside alone - Dm (orig key)
Not that kind of girl - Gb (orig key)
Sick and tired - C (orig key)

Andy Kim
Rock me gently - C (male key)

Andy Williams

Anita Ward
Ring my bell - Gm (female key)

Ann Murray
You needed me - A (orig key)

Anne Murray
Killing me softly - F (orig key)

Aretha Franklin
Respect - Bb (female key)
Think - G (female key)

Art Garfunkel

Arthur Conley
Sweet soul music - C (orig key)
Sweet soul music - Ab (male key)

Ashlee Simpson
Pieces of me - D (orig key)

Atomic Kitten
Cradle - Db (orig key)
If you come to me - Bb (orig key)
Ladies night - Dbm (orig key)
Whole again - E (orig key)
Whole again - C (male key)
Whole again - F (female key)
Whole again - A (male key)

Avril Lavigne
When you're gone - G (orig key)

Aztec Camera
How men are - G (orig key)