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Backing Tracks by Artists Names Beginning With B

BB Mack
Back here - G (orig key)

BJ Thomas

Baha Men
Who let the dogs out - Bb (male key)

Venus - Em (orig key)

Band Aid

Manic Monday - D (orig key)

Barbara Streisand
Kiss me in the rain - C (orig key)
Kiss me in the rain - Bb (female key)
Kiss me in the rain - Ab (female key)

Barbara Streisand and Gladys Knight
The way we were - A (female key)

Bare - A Pop Opera
Role of a lifetime - F (orig key)

Barry Blue

Barry Manilow
Bermuda triangle - E (male key)
Dancing in the aisles - C (orig key)
Every single day - Ab (orig key)
Forever and a day - Bb (orig key)
Here's to Las Vegas - F (orig key)
I write the songs - F (male key)
It's all in the game - Eb (orig key)
It's all in the game - F (male key)
Let freedom ring - D (orig key)
Mandy (70's version) - A (male key)
River - Eb (orig key)
Weekend in New England - Bb (male key)
Weekend in New England - C (orig key)
Winter wonderland - Eb (orig key)
You're there - Bb (orig key)

Barry Manilow - John Barrowman

Barry White


Bay City Rollers
Shangalang - C (female key)
Shangalang - A (orig key)

Fun fun fun - E (male key)
Help me Rhonda - D (male key)
Sloop John B - A (male key)
Sloop John B - E (female key)
Surfin USA - Eb (male key)

8 Days a week - Bb (male key)
A hard days night - F (male key)
Drive my car - C (male key)
Get back - G (male key)
Help - G (male key)
Hey Jude - E (male key)
Lady Madonna - G (male key)
Strawberry fields - Bb (intro F) (orig key)
Strawberry fields - F (intro C) (female key)
Things we said today - Am (male key)
Twist and shout - Bb (male key)

Beautiful South
Don't marry her - D (female key)
Rotterdam - D (female key)

Bee Gees
Massachusetts - G (orig key)
Night fever - verse C chorus F (male key)
Stayin' alive - Am (male key)
To love somebody - A (orig key)
To love somebody - G (male key)

Belinda Carlisle
Where love hides - D (orig key)

Bellamy Brothers
Let your love flow - Eb (male key)

Bet Midler
The rose - Ab (male key)
The rose - C (orig key)

Beverley Knight
Piece of my heart - E (orig key)

Broken hearted girl - F (orig key)
Crazy in love - F (orig key)
If I were a boy - Gb (orig key)

Beyonce and Shakira

Big Mountain
Baby I love your way - Eb (male key)

Bill Haley
Rock around the clock - G (male key)
Rock around the clock - C (female key)
Shake rattle and roll - Eb (male key)

Bill Medley and Jennifer Warnes
Time of my life - Eb (male/female key)

Bill Withers
Lean on me - Bb (male key)
Lovely day - Eb (orig key)

Billie Piper
Something deep inside - Dbm (orig key)

Billy Elliot

Billy Fury
Half way to paradise - Gb (female key)
Halfway to paradise - E (male key)

Billy Idol
Mony Mony - D (male key)

Billy Jo Spears
Blanket on the ground - F (male key)
Blanket on the ground - Bb (female key)

Billy Joel
Just the way you are - D (orig key)
My life - D (orig key)
Piano man - C (male key)
River of dreams - Eb (male key)
Tell her about it - Bb (male key)
You may be right - A (male key)

Billy Ocean
Caribbean Queen - Am (male key)
Suddenly - Gm (male key)

Billy Paul
Me and Mrs Jones - C (male key)

Billy Ray Cyrus
Achy breaky heart - A (orig key)

Billy Swan
I can help - C (male key)

Bitty McLean
It keeps raining - G (male key)

Black Eyed Peas
I gotta feeling - G (orig key)
Where is the love - F (orig key)

Blake Shelton
Austin - G (orig key)
Some beach - D (high male key)
Some beach - C (orig key)

Atomic - D (female key)
Heart of glass - D (female key)
Maria - G (female key)
One way or another - D (orig key)
Picture this - Bb (female key)

Blu Cantrell feat Sean Paul
Breathe - Bm (orig key)

Blue feat Elton John
Signed sealed delivered - Eb (orig key)

Blue feat Stevie Wonder

Young at heart - Bb (male key)

Blues Brothers

Bob Marley
Could you be loved - Bb (male key)
Is this love - G/Em (male key)
Jamming - Gm (male key)
No woman no cry - Db (orig key)
No woman no cry - Bb (male key)

Bob the builder
Can we fix it - E (orig key)

Bobby Caldwell
Let it be me - Ab (orig key)

Bobby Darin
Clementine - F (male key)
Dream lover - Bb (male key)
Things - D (male key)

Bobby Vee

Bobby Vinton
Mr Lonely - E (orig key)

Bon Jovi
Always - C (male key)
Living on a prayer - Am (male key)

Boney M
Brown girl in the ring - F (male key)
Brown girl in the ring - C (female key)
Marys boy child - E (orig key)
Marys boy child - B (male key)
Rivers of Babylon - C (female key)

Bonnie Tyler
Total eclipse of the heart - Am (female key)

Boomtown Rats
I don't like Mondays - C (male key)

Boris Gardiner

Boris Gardner

Box Tops
The letter - Gm (male key)

Boys Town Gang

Every day I love you - D (male key)
Father and son - F (male key)
Father and son - Eb (male key)
Gave it all away - B (orig key)
Love you anyway - G (orig key)
Love you anyway - F (male key)
No matter what - G (male key)
No matter what - Eb (male key)
No matter what - D (high female key)
Picture of you - C (male key)

Brad Paisley
The world - E (orig key)

Brenda Lee
Heart in hand - C (oig key)

Brian McFadden
Irish son - C (orig key)
Real to me - Eb (orig key)

Brian McFadden and Delta Goodrem
Almost here - C (orig key)

Britney Spears
Baby one more time - Cm (orig key)
Born to make you happy - Bm (orig key)
Circus - Gbm (orig key)
Crazy (stop remix) - Cm (orig key)
Everytime - Eb (orig key)
Lucky - Db (orig key)
My prerogative - Bbm (orig key)
Oops I did it again - Dbm (orig key)
Sometimes - Bb (female key)
Stronger - Abm (orig key)
Toxic - Cm (orig key)
Womanizer - Dbm (orig key)

Brook Benton
Rainy night in Georgia - D (male key)

Bruce Springsteen
Dancing in the dark - A (male key)
Dancing in the dark - B (orig key)

Bruno Mars
Grenade - F (orig key)
Grenade - C (male key)
The lazy song - B (orig key)

Brush Shiels

Bryan Adams
Everything I do - G (male key)
Everything I do - C (female key)
Run to you - Em (male key)
Summer of 69 - C (male key)
Summer of 69 - D (orig key)

Bryan Adams and Melanie C
When you're gone - C (orig key)

Buddy Holly
Heartbeat - A (orig key)
Oh Boy - A (orig key)
Oh boy - G (male key)
That'll be the day - A (orig key)
That'll be the day - D (female key)

C'est la vie - F (female key)