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Backing Tracks by Artists Names Beginning With C

Calvin Harris
Acceptable in the 80's - E (orig key)
Acceptable in the 80's - G (male key)

Candi Staton
Young hearts run free - E (female key)

Carll Hayes
Little rock - C (orig key)
Long way home - F (orig key)

Rainy days and Mondays - Eb (female key)
Top of the world - A (female key)
Top of the world - F (male key)
Top of the world - Bb (orig key)
We've only just begun - A (orig key)

Carrie Underwood

Drive - Bb (male key)

Evacuate the dance floor - Dm (orig key)
Truly madly deeply - E (orig key)

Catherine Zeta Jones
All that jazz - A (orig key)

Cee Lo Green
Forget you - C (orig key)

Celine Dion
Beauty and the beast - Eb (female key)
Beauty and the beast - Gb (female key)
Because you love me - A (female key)
I drove all night - B (orig key)
My heart will go on - Abm (female key)
My heart will go on - Dbm (original key)
My heart will go on - Am (female key)
The power of love - E (female key)
Think twice - F (orig key)
Think twice - Eb (female key)

Charles and Eddy
Would I lie to you - Eb (male key)

Charlie Daniels band

Charlie Rich
Behind closed doors - Bb (male key)

Charlotte Church
Call my name - Gm (orig key)
Crazy chick - A (orig key)

Cheeky Girls

Believe - C (male key)
Believe - F (female key)
Dove D'amore - Dm (female key)
Gypsies tramps and thieves - A/Gbm (female key)
If I could turn back time - C (female key)
Strong enough - Db/Eb/F (female key)

Cheryl Cole
Fight for this love - G (orig key)

Hard to say I'm sorry - C (male key)

Chris Brown
With you - Eb (orig key)

Chris DeBurgh
Lady in red - G (male key)
Patricia the stripper - D (male key)

Chris Rea
Let's dance - D (orig key)
The road to hell - Em (male key)

Christians Holly Johnson etc
Ferry across the Mersey - Eb (male key)

Yellow river - D (male key)

Christina Aguilera
Ain't no other man - Fm (orig key)
Beautiful - Eb (orig key)
Car wash - F (orig key)
Fighter - Em (orig key)
Genie in a bottle - Fm (orig key)
The voice within - G (orig key)

Christina Aguilera Lil Kim etc

Christina Milian
Dip it low - Am (orig key)

Christopher Cross
Never be the same - G (male key)
Never be the same - C (female key)
Ride like the wind - Am (male key)

Chubby Checker
Let's twist again - A (male key)
Let's twist again - F (female key)

Chuck Berry
Johnny B Good - C (female key)
Johnny B Good - G (male key)

Cindy Lauper
Girls just wanna have fun - D (female key)
True colours - C (orig key)


Cliff Richard
Devil woman - C (male key)
Livin doll - A (male key)
Mistletoe and wine - Bb (male key)
Move it - E (male key)
Summer holiday - E (orig key)
Summer holiday - A (female key)
The young ones - G (orig key)
We don't talk any more - Bb (male key)

Save Me - F (female key)
Save me - C (male key)
Substitute - Bb (male key)
Substitute - Eb (female key)

Paradise - F (orig key)
Violet hill - Dbm (orig key)


Easy - G (male key)
Still - Db (orig key)
Still - Eb (male key)
Three times a lady - A (male key)

Corinne Bailey Rae
Put your records on - A (orig key)

Breathless - verse B chorus E (orig key)
Dreams - Am (orig key)
Irresistable - Eb (female key)
Radio - verse A chorus E (female key)
Runaway (90's version) - Eb (female key)
So young - G (female key)
Summer sunshine - F (orig key)
What can I do - G (female key)

Craig David
7 days - Em (male key)
Walking away - Am (orig key)

Creedence Clearwater Revival
Bad moon rising - D (orig key)
Bad moon rising - Bb (male key)
Proud Mary - Eb (female key)
Proud Mary - D (orig key)
Proud Mary - C (male key)

Crowded House
Don't dream its over - Bb (male key)

Streetlife - verse Ebm chorus A (female key)

Crying Shames

Da doo ron ron - D (female key)

Culture Club
Karma chameleon - Bb (male key)