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Backing Tracks by Artists Names Beginning With D

DJ Otzi
Doo wah diddy - E (male key)
Doo wah diddy - A (female key)
Doo wah diddy - Gb (orig key)
Hey baby (uh ah) - Ab (male key)
Hey baby (uh ah) - A (male key)
Hey baby (uh ah) - B (female key)
Hey baby (uh ah) - G (male key)
Hey baby (uh ah) - Bb (orig key)
Hey baby (uh ah) - C (female key)
Hey baby (without uh ah) - Ab (male key)

DJ Sammy
Medley - Heaven / Boys of summer - Bbm/Ebm (female keys)
The boys of summer - Gb (orig key)

DJ Sammy and Yanou ft Do

Daft Punk
One more time - C/Fmaj7 (male key)

Dan England

Dan Hill

Daniel Boone
Beautiful Sunday - Bb (male key)

Daniel Merriweather
Red - E (orig key)

Daniel Powter
Bad day - Eb (orig key)

Danny Williams
Moon river - C (male key)
Moon river - G (female key)

Danny Wilson
Marys Prayer - G (male key)

Colour blind - D (orig key)

Dave Edmunds
I hear you knockin - Eb (male key)

David Alexander

David Bowie
China girl - G (orig key)
Let's dance - Bbm (orig key)
Space oddity - C (male key)

David Bowie and Mick Jagger

David Essex
A winters tale - F (male key)
Hold me close - C (female key)
Hold me close - A (male key)

David Guetta ft Kelly Rowland

David Jordan
Sun goes down - Gm (orig key)

David Sneddon
Donít let go - B (orig key)
Donít let go - A (male key)
Stop living the lie - E (orig key)
Stop living the lie - A (female key)
Stop living the lie - D (male key)

Knock 3 times - C (male key)

Dead or Alive

Dean Martin
Let it snow let it snow - Db (orig key)
Little old wine drinker - Db (female key)
Little old wine drinker - E (low male key)
Santa Lucia - A (male key)

Deborah Harry

Deep Blue Something
Breakfast at Tiffanys - D (orig key)

Del Shannon
Runaway (60's version) - Gm (male key)

Del Shannon
Runaway (60's version) - Dm (female key)

Delta Goodrem
Lost without you - Em (orig key)
Lost without you - Dm (female key)

Deniece Williams

Destinys Child

Dexys Midnight Runners
Come on Eileen - verse G chorus A (male key)

Diana Ross

Here with me - Bm/D (orig key)
Thankyou - Abm/B (orig key)
White flag - F (orig key)

A teenager in love - D (male key)
Runaround Sue - D (orig key)
Runaround Sue - C (male key)
The wanderer - D (orig key)
The wanderer - C (male key)

Dionne Warwick
Heartbreaker - intro Gbm chorus D (female key)
Say a little prayer - F (female key)
Walk on by - E (female key)

Dionne Warwick and friends
That's what friends are for - D (male/female key)

Dire Straits
Calling Elvis - B (male key)
Money for nothing - Gm (orig key)
Romeo and Juliet - F (male key)
Walk of life - E (male key)

Dobie Gray
Driftaway - Bb (male key)

Good enough - Bb (male key)

Dolly Parton
Here you come again - Eb (female key)

Don McLean

Donna Summer
Hot stuff - Am (male key)
Hot stuff - Dm (female key)

Doobie Brothers
Long train running - Em (male key)
What a fool believes - E (verse Db) (orig key)

Love of my life - F (male key)

Doris Day

Dr Hook
A little bit more - C (female key)
A little bit more - F (male key)
Sylvias mother - Eb (male key)

On broadway - E/F/Gb (male key)
There goes my first love - Eb (male key)
Under the boardwalk - F (male key)
Up on the roof - G (male key)

Mercy - G (orig key)
Rain on your parade - Em (orig key)
Warwick Avenue - Bb (orig key)

Duncan James and Keedie
I believe my heart - A (orig key)
I believe my heart - A (male key)
I believe my heart - Eb (female key)

Duran Duran
Hungry like the wolf - E (orig key)

Dusty Springfield
In private - G (female key)

Fifth Dimension
Aquarius - Cm (female key)