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Backing Tracks by Artists Names Beginning With H

Good morning Baltimore - Eb (orig key)

Hank Williams
Hey good lookin - C (male key)
Hey good lookin - D (male key)

Harold Melvin
The love I lost - B (male key)
The love I lost - D (orig key)

Harry Connick Jnr
It had to be you - F (male key)
It had to be you - B (female key)

Hazel O'Conner
Will you - Dm (orig key)

Everybody - G (orig key)
Pure and simple - D (orig key)
Show me the way to your love - verse Am chorus Eb (male/female key)
Show me the way to your love - verse Bm chorus F (orig key)

Boogie nights - Dm (male key)

Helping Haiti
Everybody hurts - D (orig key)

Hermans Hermits
A kind of hush - C (orig key)

Hermes House Band
Que sera sera - A (orig key)
Que sera sera - Eb (male key)

High School Musical
Breaking free - Cm (orig key)

Air that I breathe - A (male key)
He aint heavy - F (male key)
Just one look - Bb (male key)

Hot Chip
Ready for the floor - B (orig key)

Hot Chocolate
You sexy thing - D (male key)

Howard Brown

Hues Corporation
Rock the boat - D (male key)

Human League
Don't you want me - Am (orig key)