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Backing Tracks by Artists Names Beginning With J

J Geils Band
Centrefold - A (male key)

Eyes wide shut - C (orig key)
One shot - E (orig key)
She makes me wanna - Am (orig key)

Jack Johnson
Better together - F (orig key)

Jack Jones
Love Boat - A (male key)

Jackie DeShannon

Jackie Wilson
I get the sweetest feeling - vC chBb (orig key)
I get the sweetest feeling - vG chF (male key)
Reet petite - C (male key)

Blame it on the boogie - G (male key)
Blame it on the boogie - C (female key)
I'll be there - G (male key)

Superstar - Ebm (orig key)

James Blunt
1973 - A (orig key)
1973 - G (male key)
Goodbye my lover - E (orig key)
You're beautiful - Eb (orig key)
You're beautiful - B (male key)

James Brown
I feel good - C (male key)
Soul man - D (male key)

James Morrison
You give me something - C (orig key)
You make it real - C (orig key)

James Morrison and Nelly Furtado
Broken strings - Db (orig key)

James Taylor
Fire and rain - C (male key)
Handy man - D (male key)
You've got a friend - verse Bm chorus D (male key)

Jane McDonald

Janet Jackson
Together again - D (female key)
Together again - C (orig key)

Jason Derulo
In my head - Eb (orig key)

Jason Donovan
Any dream will do - C (male key)

Jason Mraz
I'm yours - B (orig key)

Jay Sean
Down - D (orig key)
Down - Bb (male key)

Jeff Beck
Hi ho silver lining - C (male key)

Jennifer Lopez
Baby I love you - A (orig key)
Love don't cost a thing - Em (orig key)
Waiting for tonight - Abm (female key)

Jessie J
Price tag - F (orig key)

Jim Reeves
He'll have to go - E (male key)

Jimmy Buffet
Margaritaville - D (orig key)
Margaritaville - E (male key)

Jive Bunny and the Master Mixers

Joan Osborne
One of us - Gbm (female key)

Joe Cocker
Unchain my heart - Am (orig key)
You can leave your hat on - Bb - intro Db (male key)

Joe Cocker and Jennifer Warnes
Up where we belong - Eb (male/female key)

Joe Jackson

Joe Longthorne
As I love you - C (male key)
Love is all - D (male key)
Love is all - Eb (orig key)
Love is all - C (low male key)
My mothers eyes - F (orig key)
My mothers eyes - Eb (male key)
The wind beneath my wings - Bb (female key)

Joe McElderry
The climb - B (orig key)
The climb - A (male key)

Joe Nichols
Size matters - F (orig key)

John Denver

John Holt

John Lennon
Imagine - C (male key)
Woman - Eb (male key)

John Miles
Music (70's version) - G (male key)

John Paul Young
Love is in the air - C (male key)

John Travolta
Sandy - F (orig key)

Johnny Cash
A boy named Sue - Bb (orig key)
Folsom prison blues - F (orig key)
I walk the line - F (orig key)
Ring of fire - G (orig key)
Ring of fire - C (orig key)

Johnny Mathis
When a child is born - Eb (orig key)

Johnny Nash
I can see clearly now - D (female key)
I can see clearly now - A (male key)

Johnny Paycheck

Johnny Preston
Running bear - Bb (orig key)

Too little too late - Gbm (orig key)

Jordin Sparks
Tattoo - D (orig key)

Don't stop believin' - E (orig key)
Don't stop believin' - Bb (male key)

Julie Andrews
The sound of music - F (orig key)

Julio Iglesias
When they begin the beguine - Bb (low male key)

Junior Senior
Move your feet - ch Bm (orig key)

Justin Bieber
Baby - Eb (orig key)