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Backing Tracks by Artists Names Beginning With L

La Roux
Bullet proof - Gb (orig key)

Lady Gaga
Alejandro - D (orig key)
Bad romance - C (orig key)
Born this way - Gb (orig key)
Paparazzi - Ab (orig key)
Poker face - Abm (orig key)
The edge of glory - A (orig key)

Las Ketchup
Ketchup song - Ebm (orig key)

Leann Rimes
How do I live without you - verse E chorus D (orig key)
How do I live without you - verse D chorus C (female key)

Leapy Lee
Little arrows - Bb (orig key)

Dance (with you) - Ab (orig key)

Lene Marlin
Sitting down here - D (female key)
Sitting down here - A (male key)

Leo Sayer
When I need you - G (male key)

Leon Jackson
Don't call this love - D (orig key)
When you believe - G (orig key)
When you believe - C (female key)

Leona Lewis
A moment like this - vEbm chAb (orig key)
A moment like this - vCm chF (female key)
A moment like this - vGm chC (male key)
Better in time - Gb (orig key)
Bleeding love - F (orig key)
Happy - C (orig key)
Run - Ab (orig key)

Liberty X
A night to remember - Dm (orig key)
A night to remember - Am (male key)

Lily Allen
Not fair - F (orig key)
Smile - F (orig key)
The fear - F (orig key)

Linda Rondstadt
Blue Bayou - A (female key)

Lionel Richie
All night long - Bb (low female key)
All night long - G (male key)
Goodbye - Db (orig key)
Hello - Gm (male key)
Just for you - D (orig key)
Running with the night - Gm (male key)
Say you say me - G (male key)
Stuck on you - E (male key)

Lionel Richie and Diana Ross
Endless love - Bb (orig key)

Little Eva
Locomotion - C (female key)

Liz McClarnon
Woman in love - Dm (orig key)


Amazed - Ab (orig key)
Amazed - Gb (male key)
Mr Mom - A (male key)

Los Bravos
Black is black - Bb/Cm (male key)

Los Lobos

Lou Bega
Mambo No 5 - Eb (orig key)
Mambo No 5 - D (male key)
Mambo No 5 - Ab (female key)

Lou Rawls
You'll never find - D (male key)

Louie Armstrong
Hello Dolly - C (orig key)

Louis Armstrong
What a wonderful world - F (orig key)


Love Affair
Everlasting love (60's version) - verse G chorus D (male key)

Lowen and Navarro
We belong - C (orig key)

Lucie Silvas
Breathe in - G (orig key)
Breathe in - Eb (female key)


Lyn Anderson
Rose garden - C (orig key)