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Backing Tracks by Artists Names Beginning With M

M People
Moving on up - Gm (male key)
Moving on up - Cm (female key)
Moving on up - Bm (female key)
Search for the hero - Bb (orig key)

Like a prayer - Dm (orig key)

Baggy trousers - F (male key)

Beautiful stranger - Db (orig key)
Crazy for you - D (female key)
Don't cry for me Argentina - Bb (female key)
Don't tell me - D (female key)
Give it 2 me - Abm (orig key)
Hanky panky - Dm (orig key)
Hung up - Dm (orig key)
La isla bonita - Dbm (orig key)
Like a prayer - Eb (female key)
Material girl - Bb (female key)
Music (2000 version) - Gm (orig key)
Santa baby - Db (orig key)
Sorry - Cm (orig key)
True blue - B (female key)

Madonna Ft Justin Timberlake
4 minutes - Gm (orig key)

Heartache avenue - Gb (orig key)

Malcolm Roberts
Love is all - F (orig key)
Love is all - D (male key)
Love is all - C (low male key)

Manic Street Preachers
Ocean spray - Eb (male key)

Marc Almond and Gene Pitney

Mariah Carey
Hero - E (orig key)
Hero - D (female key)
I'll be there - C (female key)
O holy night - E (orig key)
O holy night - B (male key)
Touch my body - Bm (orig key)

Mark Owen
Four minute warning - C (orig key)

Maroon 5
Makes me wonder - Bm (orig key)
This love - Eb (orig key)
This love - B (male key)
This love - Db (male key)

Maroon 5 feat Christina Aguilera
Moves like Jagger - Bm (orig key)

Marshall Hain
Dancing in the city - C (orig key)

Martha Reeves and the Vandellas

Marti Pellow
Close to you - Gb (male key)

Martine McCutcheon
I'm over you - D (female key)
On the radio - C/Dm (female key)
On the radio - D/Em (orig key)
Perfect moment - Bb (female key)

Marvin Gaye

Mary J Blige and U2
One - C (orig key)

Mary Wells
My guy - Bb (orig key)
My guy - G (female key)
My guy - E (male key)

Matt Monro

Dance the night away - C (male key)
Dance the night away - E (male key)

All about you - Db (orig key)
Obviously - Db (orig key)
Obviously - Bb (male key)
You've got a friend - B orig key)

Melanie C
I turn to you - Cm (female key)
Never be the same again - Gm (female key)
Northern star - E (female key)

Men at work
Down under - Cm (male key)

Michael Buble
Cry me a river - Dm (orig key)
Everything - D (orig key)
Haven't met you yet - Db (orig key)
Hold on - F (orig key)
Hollywood - C (orig key)
Lost - B (orig key)

Michael Jackson
Ben - G (male key)
Ben - F (orig key)
Billie Jean - Gbm (orig key)
Black or white - E (orig key)
Black or white - C (male key)
Rockin robin - F (orig key)
Rocking robin - G (male key)
She's out of my life - E (orig key)
She's out of my life - C (orig key)

Michael Jackson duet with Akon
Hold my hand - Db (orig key)

All this time - Gb (orig key)
All this time - B (male key)
All this time - Ab (high female key)

Middle of the road
Chirpy chirpy cheep cheep - D (female key)

Grace Kelly - G (orig key)
We are golden - C (orig key)

Mike Oldfield
Moonlight shadow - E (female key)

Mike and the mechanics
The living years - Bb (female key)
The living years - Eb (male key)
The living years - F (male key)

Miley Cyrus
7 things - E (orig key)
See you again - Am (orig key)
The climb - E (orig key)
The climb - Bb (male key)

Miss Saigon
Last night of the world - Bb (male/female key)

Lady (hear me tonight) - Am (male key)

Daydream believer - G (male key)
I'm a believer - G (orig key)

Monty Python

Moody Blues
Nights in white satin - Dm (male key)

Rome wasnt built in a day - C (female key)


Mousse T feat Emma Lanford
Is it cos I'm cool - A (male key)
Is it cos Im cool - E (orig key)

Lonely this Christmas - C (orig key)
Lonely this Christmas - Bb (male key)

Mungo Jerry
In the summertime - E (male key)

Mutya Buena
Real girl - E (orig key)