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Backing Tracks by Artists Names Beginning With P

PJ Proby
Somewhere - starts in D (male key)

Paolo Nutini
Last request - F (orig key)
Pencil full of lead - D (orig key)

Paper Lace
Billy don't be a hero - C (orig key)
Billy don't be a hero - G (male ley)

Paris Hilton
Stars are blind - D (orig key)

Party Boys

Party Boys and Boys Town Gang

I'm doin fine now - Bb (male key)

Patsy Cline
You belong to me - Eb (orig key)
You belong to me - C (male key)

Patsy Cline / Rimes Leann
Crazy - Bb (orig key)
Crazy - C (Female key)
Crazy - D (male key)
Crazy - F (male key)

Paul Anka
Diana - F (male key)
Diana - Eb (male key)

Paul McCartney
Another day - F (male key)
Live and let die - E (male key)
Silly love songs - Bb (male key)

Paul Simon
Call me Al - Eb (male key)

Paul Young
Wherever I lay my hat - G (male key)

Percy Sledge

Peter Andre

Peter Gabrielle
Sledgehammer - Eb (orig key)

Peter Sarstedt

Peters and Lee
Welcome home - F (orig key)
Welcome home - Eb (male key)

Phil Collins / Supremes
You can't hurry love - A (female key)
You can't hurry love - F (Male key)

Phil Collins
Another day in paradise - Fm (male key)
Groovy kind of love - G (male key)
Two hearts - F (male key)

Phil Collins and Phillip Bailey
Easy lover - Bbm (male key)

Phil Vasser

Just like a pill - A (orig key)
Just like a pill - G (female key)
Please don't leave me - Db (orig key)
So what - A (orig key)
Who knew - A (orig key)

Pink Floyd

Pixie Lott
Cry me out - A (orig key)
Gravity - G (orig key)
Mama do - Ebm (orig key)

Plain White T's
Hey there Delilah - D (orig key)

Plan B
She said - Ebm (orig key)

Pointer Sisters
I'm so excited - Gbm (female key)
Slow hand - D (female key)

Every breath you take - F (male key)
Message in a bottle - verse Am chorus F (male key)

Pop Idol Finalists
Happy Xmas war is over - A (orig key)
Happy Xmas war is over - G (male/female key)

Brass in pocket - A (orig key)

I'm gonna be (500 miles) - G (female key)
Life with you - F (orig key)
Life with you - D (male key)

Procul Harem
A whiter shade of pale - Bb (male key)

Mississippi - Eb (male key)
Mississippi - A (female key)

Pussycat Dolls
Don't cha - Ebm (orig key)
Stick wit u - A (orig key)