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Backing Tracks by Artists Names Beginning With R

R Kelly
I believe I can fly - C (male key)
Ignition Remix - Ab (orig key)

Everybody hurts - D (orig key)
Everybody hurts - C (male key)
Losing my religion - Am (male key)

Rachel Stevens
More more more - vFchC (orig key)
Some girls - D (orig key)
Sweet dreams my LA ex - A (orig key)

Randy Crawford
One day I'll fly away - D (orig key)

Randy Travis
Forever and ever amen - D (orig key)
Forever and ever amen - Gb (high male key)

Ray Stevens
Misty - D (orig key)
Misty - C (low male key)

America (Razorlight) - D (orig key)

Real Thing
You to me are everything - Bb (male key)
You to me are everything - C (female key)

Rebecca Black
Friday - B (orig key)

Red Hot Chilli Peppers
Californication - Am (male key)

Romeo and Juliet - D (male key)

I'll be there for you - A (male key)

Richard Ashcroft
Break the night with colour - v Dm chAm (orig key)

Richard Harris
MacArthur park - intro Cm (male key)

Richard Marx
Right here waiting - Bb (male key)

Richard X v Liberty X
Being nobody - Gbm (orig key)

Rick Astley
Never gonna give you up - Gm/Bb (male key)

Ricky Martin
Livin la vida loca - Cm (male key)
Private emotion - C (male/female key)
She bangs - Gbm (orig key)
She bangs - Bm (female key)
She bangs - Em (low male key)

Ricky Martin and Christina Aguilera
Nobody wants to be lonely - Bbm (orig key)

Righteous Brothers

California king bed - G (orig key)
Disturbia - Bm (orig key)
Don't stop the music - Gbm (orig key)
S and M - Ebm (orig key)
Take a bow - E (orig key)
Te Amo - Abm (orig key)
Umbrella - Db (orig key)
Unfaithful - Cm (orig key)

Rik Waller
I will always love you - E (orig key)
I will always love you - D (male key)

Ringo Starr
You're sixteen - F (female key)
You're sixteen - C (male key)

Robbie Williams
Advertising space - C (orig key)
Angels - G (female key)
Angels - C (male key)
Angels - D (male key)
Better man - Gb (orig key)
Bodies - B verse in Gbm (orig key)
Eternity - A (male key)
Eternity - Bb (orig key)
Heart and I - Bb (orig key)
Let me entertain you - Eb (male key)
Millenium - Bb (male key)
Misunderstood - E (orig key)
No regrets - Cm (orig key)
Radio (listen to the) - Fm (orig key)
Rock DJ - A (male key)
Rock DJ - D (orig key)
Sexed up - C (orig key)
Shes the one - G (male key)
Singing for the lonely - F (orig key)
Something beautiful - Bb (orig key)
Something beautiful - A (male key)
Something beautiful - G (male key)
Supreme - Dm (male key)
The road to Mandalay - Bm/D (male key)
Things - Eb (orig key)
Things (shorter ending) - Eb (orig key)
Trippin - F (orig key)
You know me - Ab (orig key)

Robbie Williams / Darin Bobby
Mack the knife - Bb (male key)
Mack the knife - C (orig key)
Mack the knife - Eb (female key)

Robbie Williams / Sinatra Frank
My way - D (male key)
My way - Eb (orig key)
My way - C (male key)

Robbie Williams and Kylie Minogue
Kids - E (male key)

Robbie Williams and Nicole Kidman
Something stupid - F (male key)
Something stupid - G (orig key)

Robbie Williams feat Garry Barlow
Shame - Bb (orig key)

Robert Palmer
Addicted to love - A (orig key)
Addicted to love - G (male key)
Bad case of loving you - D (male key)

Robson and Jerome
What becomes of the broken hearted - verse Ab chorus Bb (orig key)

Rod Stewart
Baby Jane - Bb (male key)
Have I told you lately - F (male key)
Maggie May - A (male key)
Sailing - G (male key)
This old heart of mine - A (female key)
This old heart of mine - F (male key)
You wear it well - Bb (male key)

Rodney Atkins

Roger Miller
King of the road - C (male key)
King of the road - G (very low male key)

Rolling Stones
Brown sugar - C (male key)
Honky tonk woman - G (orig key)
Honky tonk woman - D (female key)
Jumpin Jack flash - B (male key)
Satisfaction - E (male key)

Ronan Keating
I hope you dance - D (orig key)
I love it when we do - Ab (orig key)
I love it when we do - G (male key)
If tomorrow never comes - Bb (orig key)
If tomorrow never comes - C (female key)
Lovin each day - Ab (orig key)
She believes in me - C (orig key)

Ronan Keating and Gareth Gates

Ronan Keating and Leann Rimes
Last thing on my mind - G (orig key)

Room 5 feat Oliver Cheatham
Make luv - Cm (orig key)

Staring at the sun - D (orig key)
Staring at the sun - B (male key)

Roy Orbison
Penny arcade - C (orig key)
Pretty woman - intro E verse A (male key)
You got it - G (male key)
You got it - A (male key)

Ruben Studdard

Loch Lomond - G (male key)
Loch Lomond - Ab (orig key)
Loch Lomond - C (female key)

Rupert Holmes