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Backing Tracks by Artists Names Beginning With V

Hip to hip - Fm (orig key)

Van Morrison
Brown eyed girl - C (female key)
Brown eyed girl - G (orig key)
Have I told you lately - A (female key)
Have I told you lately - Eb (male key)
Have I told you lately - E (orig key)
Have I told you lately - C (low male key)

Vanessa Williams
Save the best to last - D (female key)

Turning Japanese - G (male key)

Various Artists
Auld Lang Syne - G (male key)
Auld Lang Syne - Bb (female key)
Bay of storms - Eb (orig key)
Happy birthday to you - G (male key)
Happy birthday to you - C (female key)
Perfect day - chEb (male key)
Perfect day - ch Bb (female key)
Sally MacLennane - D (orig key)
Silver bells - C (male key)
Winter wonderland - Eb (male key)
Winter wonderland - A (female key)

Various Broadway Artists

Various Celtic Artists
After all these years - A (male key)
After all these years - D (female key)
Dirty old town - C (female key)
The Irish rover - C (male key)
The Irish rover - F (female key)
The dark island - F (orig key)
The fields of Athenry - F (male key)
The fields of Athenry - Bb (female key)
The leaving of Liverpool - G (female key)
The wild rover - A (male key)
The wild rover - D (female key)

Various Jazz Artists
Route 66 - Bb (male key)

Various celtic Artists
Dirty old town - G (male key)

We're going to Ibiza - Db (orig key)

Village People
In the navy - F (male key)
Macho man - C (male key)
YMCA - F (male key)

Vince Gill