Custom Backing Tracks Produced To
Suit Your Individual Requirements

Prices from £750 per song

Can't find a particular song anywhere? We can produce it specially for you. Prices for this bespoke service are quoted on an individual basis depending on the complexity of the arrangement and the amount of time involved in producing it.

When deciding to get a custom track produced you, consider the purposes you need the track for. This could result in you ending up with a much cheaper quote.

For example, if your custom track is going to be used for pub/club/cabaret style work, then you won't need as big a production on it as, say, a track that you want to record an album with or use in a theatre or on TV.

For pub/club/cabaret and most other 'Live music' type work, the 'sound' and 'feel' of the instruments playing together in a track is much more important than their individual notes and any little nuances from the original arrangement (you've probably noticed when famous artistes play live in concert, they use slightly different arrangements from their orignal recordings). This type of production results in a very high quality track (which often sounds even better than the original!) but it's quicker to produce so costs less.

Conversely, a track that you intend to use for recording an album or theatre or TV work (i.e. where the audience are listening to the music more intently), attention to every little note and detail becomes more important. This type of bigger production, the painstaking task of getting every note of every instrument to sound as close to the original as possible, takes more time to produce so costs more.


*Note: We can only accept reference recordings submitted to us in MP3 format. Please do not submit reference material in WAV format as our server is configured to reject these types of large files
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Custom Track Terms:
All Custom backing tracks are supplied in stereo mp3 download format at 320Kb/s and remain the copyright of MP3 Backing Trax. We require payment in full prior to commencement of any work. Our turnaround time for custom backing tracks is usually 7 - 14 working days.

Our arrangers and musicians play to the very highest standard and will arrange, play and produce the backing track(s) of your choice to sound as close to the original song you supplied as is humanly possible (given that we do not have access to the original musicians, arrangements, exact instruments or studio acoustics which were used to produce the original recording).

While all custom backing tracks commissioned will not be immediately included in our general catalogue for resale, we may, at our discretion, include them in our general catalogue at some future date. If you require exclusivity, please discuss this with our sales staff.

The price of creating custom tracks is quoted on an individual basis depending on the amount of time/work involved in creating it for you. An exact quote will be given to you before we undertake any work. The price we quote is the price you pay - even if the track takes us longer to produce.

We require payment in full prior to commencement of any work.