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Ebay Mis-Spell Search

"eBay mis-spelled searches can save you £1,000's!"

eBay Mis-spell search is an incredibly powerful way
to display hundreds or even thousands of products which are
currently for sale on eBay, that few people know about...

Type a search term in the top left corner of
the yellow box below and click "search"

(don't worry about all the other buttons right now - they are there to help refine your
search. You can play around with them later once you've got the hang of it)

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With just a single click of the mouse, you can find all those hidden gems on eBay...

How eBay mis-spell search works
Every day eBay sells tens of millions of items, and thousands of these items contain spelling mistakes. These mis-spelled items don't appear in the regular search results, so leave an untapped market.

Put simply, because less people bid on these mis-spelled items, they are usually sold for much less.

You could be saving an absolute fortune, buying up mis-spelled under-priced items. You can also
make money by buying mis-spelled items cheaply and then selling them on again yourself, putting the profits in your pocket!

What's the difference between a simple eBay search engine?
Normal searches only bring up the exact words you search for. Our mis-spelled search engine on the other hand will submit dozens of mis-spelled varieties of the words you've entered - imagine how long it would take you to do this manually!