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Musical Equipment Insurance


What would you do if your musical
equipment was lost or stolen?

Could you afford to pay out thousands of pounds if
someone tripped over your speaker stand or lightstand
at a gig and broke their leg?

Cover yourself for these eventualities by taking out Musicguard Insurance. You'll be surprised at how inexpensive it is - for the price of a couple of gigs you could insure all your sound equipment and be safe in the knowledge that if your gear is stolen, you can walk in to your local music shop and replace it.

Don't rely on the venues insurance to pay out if someone trips over a mic cable or a speaker's YOUR equipment that caused the accident and YOU'RE responsible!

For less than the price of a gig, you can cover yourself for Public Liability for a whole year.

Musicguard are a specialist insurance provider providing flexible cover for singers, musicians and their equipment. All their policies include £1 million of public liability cover and £10,000 personal accident cover, regardless of whether you're a professional oran amateur.

Musicguard currently cover over £50 million pounds worth of equipment and are GISC regulated, so your gear is in good hands. You can get instant quotes, cover and policy details online. You can't get better cover at a better price.

Click any of the Musicguard pictures on this page or click here to get an instant online quote (you don't need to enter your name, email or any other personal details to get an instant quote - just the type inthe type of cover you want and the value of your equipment and you'll be quoted a price within seconds).