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Guitar Backing Tracks
Off-The-Shelf Backing Tracks With Guitar Parts Removed!
Custom Backing Tracks

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Play Your Guitar "Live" To These
Amazing Guitar Backing Tracks...

All backing tracks have the guitar parts removed so you can jam / play along with them...A must for all guitar players!

• No waiting for Tracks
Get your guitar backing tracks quickly - pay by Paypal and download instantly.

• Improve your performance

Learn to play at your own pace - download the backing tracks and practice before you go on stage.

• Show the audience your talent!

Audiences love to hear you play your instrument - impress them with your guitar playing while having the sound of a full band behind you..

• Your repertoire need never get stale!

Brand new backing tracks added each week.

• Pay online with peace of mind

Your card details are always safe - secure ordering is via Paypals secure server

What are guitar tracks?
Professionals, amateurs and hobby guitarists can now choose and benefit from a large selection of guitar backing tracks.

Although these backing tracks have been specially produced for our professional guitar playing customers, they are absolutely perfect if you are learning to play guitar or just want to play a live solo do want to sound like the professionals don't you?!

The guitar parts have been removed (except bass guitar) so all you need to do to perform at a gig is take your guitar and a selection of these backing tracks and you'll sound like a full band - Brilliant!

The secret of how to learn guitar
Here's how the professionals learn to play a song. First, they hear a song that they'd like to play (perhaps on the radio or TV).

Next they buy a backing track of that song, preferably with the guitar parts removed so that they can practice jamming along with the track.

Many guitarists use their ear to listen to and work out the exact guitar part themselves. The backing track helps them "play by ear" because all the other music for the song (drums, bass, brass, keyboards etc) is contained in the backing track, so the "missing" guitar parts which they have to play are usually fairly obvious.

Then they practice, practice and practice some more, until they've got it just right. Then they're ready to perform it in public at their next gig.

If you are a beginner and have never played a guitar in your life before, we can teach you to play guitar in just 5 days (and the lessons are free). See our "Learn Guitar" section now where we show you a lesson a day.

Another great resource for beginners is websites which supply guitar tab. Beginners often find it helpful if they have the guitar tablature (known as "Guitar Tabs"). Our partners at musicnotes offer a large range of guitar sheet music and guitar tab - they also have a great intermediate guitar teaching method called "Guitar Guru", so be sure to check 'em out if you're looking for a particular guitar tab or want to improve your playing.

Once you've mastered the secrets of how to play guitar, you'll need to buy some great guitar backing tracks. that's where we come in...


Guitar Backing Tracks