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Guitar Playing Made Easy!

Are you a budding guitarist but can't play a note? Or can you play a little bit of guitar but would you like to improve your playing technique?

Perhaps you are a professional guitarist/entertainer and need professional backing tracks to use at your gigs?

If the answer to any of the above is "Yes" then this Guitar section is for you!

We've split this section in to Beginner, Intermediate and professional for your convienience. Choose which stage of proficiency you are at below (Beginner, Intermediate, Professional) and tap in to a world of information, advice and help on everything related to playing guitar and learning to play guitar.


Learn how to play guitar in just 5 easy lessons!

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Learn to improve your skills with special interactive tools such as virtual fret board and midi & CD synced audio.

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Download professionally arranged backing tracks without the guitar parts so that you can jam/play along with them live onstage.

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