Alesis AM3 Stereo USB Condensor Microphone
The worlds only handheld stereo USB microphone.The AM3 is a stereo digital microphone for directly recording stereo audio into your computer. You can place the dual-capsule condenser mic into nearly any environment and capture true stereo sound.

* Dual-capsule condenser microphone captures detailed stereo audio* Internal analog-to-digital conversion at 16-bit 44.1 or 48kHz* Frequency response: 30 20000 Hz* Front-panel gain slider for input trim* LED power indicator* Single-cable plug-and-play connection for Mac and PC* Compatible with most Mac and Windows class-compliant drivers and software* Includes Alesis podcasting subscription* Includes carry case mic clip and cable**EASY COMPUTER INTERFACE**The AM3 makes computer connection simple requiring nothing more than a standard USB port on your Mac or PC. Because it has a stereo analog-to-digital conversion system built inside its housing theres no need for a preamplifier. And because the AM3 has a mini-USB jack output theres no need for complicated interface boxes or timecode alignment between the two sides. One cable is all you need for this digital solution.**QUALITY AUDIO CAPTURE**The AM3 features a dual-capsule condenser microphone design that enables you to record detailed stereo audio. Wide 30 ? 20000 Hz frequecy response rivals that of microphones costing tens of times more money! And its studio-ready analog-to-digital conversion creates 16-bit 44.1 or 48kHz signal. The mics body even has a gain control for adjusting the input trim with no computer control required.**COMPLETE THE PACKAGE**The AM3 comes with a free Alesis podcast-hosting subscription enabling you to share your recordings with the world. The AM3 also comes with a carry case mic clip and cable.
£105 GBPounds