Art M-Five Studio Condenser Microphone
The ART M-Five ribbon microphone’s low-tension 2-micron aluminum ribbon delivers extremely precise sonic detail with a smooth natural extended low frequency response and unrivaled clarity.

The asymmetrical figure-8 pickup pattern has an extended sweet spot on the rear face of the microphone allowing the recording to accurately reproduce the natural space and ambient reverberation of a good sounding live room. The M-Five excels recording critical vocals solo instruments brass & woodwinds acoustic guitars acoustic bass cellos string sections acoustic pianos (Including grands) guitar amps bass Amps drum overheads and percussion.The M-Five is also ideally suited to broadcast applications as a radio announce mic and for ambient soundtrack recording and sound design. The M-Five comes complete with a deluxe shockmount in an aluminum carrying case.**Features*** Low-Mass Aluminum Ribbon Element* Figure-8 audio directionality with extended sweet spot* Extremely Natural Sounding ? Ideal for Critical Vocal & Instrument Tracking* Easily handles ultra-high sound pressure levels (up to148dB)* Fast accurate transient response with stunning realism* Low residual noise* No power supply required* Aluminum Carrying Case & Deluxe Cradle Shockmount Included**Specifications*** Type: Ribbon Microphone* Capsule: 2.5-micron 35mm Aluminum Ribbon* Polar Pattern: Figure-8* Frequency Response: 30Hz to 15kHz* Sensitivity: -54dB (+/-3dB)* Equivalent Noise Level: 18dB (A-weighted IEC 268-4)* S/N Ratio: 70dB @ 1Pa* Impedance:
£189 GBPounds