Focusrite Trakmaster Pro Mic Pre
Introducing the Focusrite Platinum Trakmaster.

TrakMaster Pro a professional microphone preamplifier/compressor is the latest in Focusrites Platinum Pro series and the companys most affordable recording channel strip to date. Providing performance specifications never before seen at this price point TrakMaster Pro features a mic preamp derived from Focusrites award-winning Green range front panel DI problem-solving mid-scoop EQ intuitive optical compression latency-free monitoring and the Platinum Pro series ADC option.The preamp demonstrates the same wide bandwidth philosophy as past Focusrite preamps ensuring low noise and distortion and delivering clarity without unwanted artifacts. The Low Impedance switch a feature previously unavailable at this price point brings yet further sound options to the recording process. Also featured are Phantom Power and a High Pass filter for controlling rumble proximity effect and pop reduction.The mid-scoop EQ is a quick and effective problem-solver with two different cut depths and an adjustable frequency control. Ranging from 120Hz to 2K its ideal for problem solving or for great miked-up speaker cabinets. Staying true to the Focusrite philosophy the intuitive optical vintage compressor has been tuned by ear and features Focusrites custom fast-acting optos operating in Class A mode allowing for smoother lower distortion performance than comparative off-the-shelf VCA circuits. With the addition of variable attack and the unique Squash mode (ideal for punchy drum sounds) this compressor is equally capable of transparent compression or imposing a character of its own. Either way it brings professional compression within reach of a new audience.The original TrakMasters metering section has been massively augmented and now features a unique porthole-style peak level meter alongside the trademark for the Platinum Pro series latency-free monitoring. This section offers the capacity to monitor tracked signals within the mix directly at source avoiding having to monitor via the DAW or digital desk. A headphone or monitor mix can be created for either the artist or the engineer with immediate tactile control over levels. Finally TrakMaster Pro accepts the established Platinum Pro 24-bit 96kHz stereo Analogue to Digital converter providing a high quality direct digital route from the TrakMaster Pro to the DAW.
£249 GBPounds