Korg microKORG XL Synthesizer / Vocoder Limited Edition Red
Great sounding miniature analogue modelling synth with Vocoder.For years the microKORG has been the worlds top-selling synthesizer. Now the microKORG XL is ready to join the Korg line-up. Based on the same winning combination of a small footprint mini-keys battery-powered portability and huge Korg sound the microKORG XL is ready to expand your musical vocabulary. The fun factor is huge too. A gooseneck microphone is included with both models for instant vocoding excitement right out of the box!

**Click on the links below to download MP3 demos of the Korg microKORG XL**The original microKORG is loved and used daily by musicians around the world - from keyboardists to guitarists - enabling everyone to experience the enjoyment of a great synthesizer. Now an advanced microKORG is available; a synthesizer that lets you generate your own personal sound packing a cutting-edge sound engine and powerful effects into a compact vintage-like body. Welcome the microKORG XL **Features/Specifications:*** New vintage design is both fresh and nostalgic.* Korgs renowned MMT Multi Modeling Technology optimized for the microKORG XL.* Sixteeen band vocoder for voice controlled effects. A gooseneck microphone is included so you can begin vocoding right away.* 128 powerful sounds are built-in and ready for immediate use.* Intuitive sound selection; simply specify the music genre and instrument category.* Seventeen powerful KAOSS derived effects.* Newly developed natural touch mini keyboard is compact yet easy to play.* Editing software can be downloaded from the Korg website as well as converted MS2000 and microKORG programs.* Battery powered for on-the-go enjoyment.**microKORG XL Specifications:** * **Tone Generator System:** MMT (Multiple Modeling Technology)* **Multi Timbral:** Maximum 2 (when using Layer Split or Multi)* **Voices:** 8 voices* **Structure:** [Synth] 2 oscillators + noise generator Oscillator 1: Wave: 8 types (Sawtooth Pulse Triangle Sine Formant Noise DWGS Audio In)* **Modulation:** Waveform Cross Unison VPM Oscillator 2: Wave: 4 types (Sawtooth Pulse Triangle Sine) Modulation: Ring Sync Ring+Sync * **Waveshape:** Type: Drive Decimator HardClip OctSaw MultiTri MultiSin SubOSCSaw SubOSCSqu SubOSCTri SubOSCSin LevelBoost* **Multimode Filters:** Filer 1: -24 dB/oct LPF -12 dB/oct LPF -12 dB/oct BPF -12 dB/oct HPF Thru Filter 2: LPF HPF BPF [Vocoder] 16 channel vocoder adjustable level and pan for each channel Formant Shift function Formant Hold function* **Keyboard:** 37 notes (mini-keyboard velocity sensitive)* **Effects:** Timbre: 2 band EQ Master effect x 2 17effects* **Arpeggiator:** Six types: UP DOWN ALT1/2 Random Trigger Individual step on/off function* **Programs:** 128 programs (A/Bbanks x 8 genres x 8 category)**INPUTS:****[AUDIO INPUT 1]** jack (with MIC/LINE switch) - Rear Panel* **Connector:** 1/4" phone jack (unbalanced)**[AUDIO INPUT 1 (MIC)]** jack - Front Panel* **Connector:** XLR jack (balanced)**OUTPUTS:****[L/MONO R]** jacks* **Connectors:** 1/4" phone jacks (unbalanced)**[PHONES]** jack* **Connector:** 1/4" phone stereo jack**FURTHER DETAILS:*** **MIDI:** IN OUT THRU connectors* **USB:** Type B connector* **Display:** Custom LCD* **Power Supply:** DC 9 V (AC adapter) or six AA alkaline batteries (sold separately)* **Battery Life:** approx. four hours (with alkaline batteries)* **Dimensions:** 556(W)x231(D)x73(H)mm/21.89"(W)x9.09"(D)x2.87"(H)* **Weight:** 2 kg/4.41 lbs. (without batteries and included microphone)* **Accessories:** AC adapter Gooseneck Microphone**microKORG XL Sound Editor:****SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS:****Windows:*** A computer that satisfies the operating requirements of Windows XP or Windows Vista and has a USB port * **Operating system:** Microsoft Windows XP (SP3 or later) Windows Vista (SP1 or later)**Mac:*** An Apple Macintosh computer that satisfies the operating requirements of Mac OS X and has a USB port * **Operating system:** Mac OS X version 10.4 or later
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