Korg microKORG XL Synthesizer / Vocoder
Great sounding miniature analogue modelling synth with Vocoder.For years the microKORG has been the worlds top-selling synthesizer. Now the microKORG XL is ready to join the Korg line-up. Based on the same winning combination of a small footprint mini-keys battery-powered portability and huge Korg sound the microKORG XL is ready to expand your musical vocabulary. The fun factor is huge too. A gooseneck mic is included with both models for instant vocoding excitement right out of the box!

**Click on the links below to download MP3 demos of the Korg microKORG XL**NEO-VINTAGE SYNTH POWERThe microKORG XL carries a proud pedigree. The MMT (Multi Modeling Technology) sound engine is descended from the RADIAS/R3 synthesizers while the dual effects processors come down from the famous KAOSS line. The microKORG XL offers remarkable playability. The black key/white key proportions have been adjusted for easier chording; the key response has been improved for rapid-fire soloing. And the old -school square front keys? Well they look wicked cool. Together with a sound-bending vocoder and six-pattern arpeggiation microKORG XL packs a powerful sonic punch. The eight-voice MMT synth engine offers traditional analog waveforms plus a total of seven algorithms including formant waveforms noise and PCM/DWGS waves for those vintage keyboards and strings. Cross-modulation unison stacking and VPM (Variable Phase Modulation) let you create sounds that would be impossible for a conventional PCM synthesizer. Sync and ring modulation make it easy to create complex and powerful sounds. Two multi-mode filters a drive/waveshaping circuit for distinctively distorted sounds and EG and LFO for creating time-varying tonal change provide plenty of parameters for serious synthesis. Virtual Patching brings it all together. Seventeen up-to-the-minute effects deliver everything from a traditional chorus to grain shifting. In The delay effects can be synchronized to MIDI clock for beat-sensitive situations. You can even process external sounds! The microKORG XLs amazing vocoder adds vocal characteristics to any sound creating everything from talk-box filtering pseudo choirs talking instruments to vintage Sci-Fi robots. Our unique Formant Hold allows you to freeze the vocal input for continuous vocoder effects. Use the Formant Shift function to adjust the level and pan of each of the sixteen bands greatly altering the tonal character. The distinctive retro-styling allows for quick selection of any of the 128 on-board editable programs. For the diehard synthesists and sound designers you can use the three performance edit knobs for fast effective editing in performance. Youre also free to select and assign your favorite parameters. Download the free Editing software and manage sounds on your computer!INTERFACE and KEYBOARD- Display - Custom backlit LCD- Keyboard - 37-note Natural Touch action- Switches - 7; Bank (2 position) Octave Up and Down (toggle) timbre select (2 position) Arp On/Off Vocoder On/Off Write Exit/Shift- Knobs - 7; Volume tempo program select (genre and category) real-time assign edit menu selector- Wheels - Pitch and ModulationPROGRAMS- Polyphony - 8 voices (up to 4 when the vocoder is selected)- Program - 128- Number of timbres - Maximum 2 (when using Layer Split or Multi)- Synth 2 oscillator + noise generatorOscillator 1- Waveform - SAW PULSE TRIANGLE SINE FORMANT NOISE PCM/DWGS AUIO IN- Modulation - WAVEFORM CROSS UNISON VPMOscillator 2- Waveform SAW PULSE TRIANGLE SINE- Modulation RING SYNC RING+SYNC- Wave shaping- WS type DRIVE DECIMATOR HARDCLIP OCT SAW MULTI TRI MULTI SIN SUB OSC SAW SUB OSC SQU SUB OSC TRI SUB OSC SIN LEVELBOOSTMulti-mode filters- Filter 1 - -24 dB/oct LPF -12 dB/oct LPF HPF BPF Thru- Filter 2 - LPF HPF BPF- Vocoder - 16-band vocoder adjustable level and pan for each band Format Shift function Formant Hold function- Keyboard - 37-note (mini keyboard velocity sensitive no aftertouch)- Effects - Timbre 2-band EQ- Master - master effects (17 effect algorithms)- Arpeggiator - UP DOWN ALT1/2 Random Trigger (6 types) Step Arpeggiator function- Programs - 128 programs (banks A/B x 8 genres x 8 categories)CONNECTIONS- Input - AUDIO IN [LINE] jack AUDIO IN [MIC] jack (with AUDIO IN [MIC/XLR] switch)- Output- L/MONO R jacks HEADPHONE jack- MIDI - IN OUT - USB - connector B typeMISC- Power supply DC9V- Six AA batteries (Approximate lifespan is 4 hours with alkaline batteries)- Included items - XLR Gooseneck Microphone with windscreen Power Adapter
£339 GBPounds