Shure Stereo Mic Adaptor A27M
A27M Stereo Microphone Adapter

The Shure model A27M is a stereo microphone adapter designed to hold two microphones in selectable positions for stereo broadcasting recording or sound reinforcement. It allows two microphones to share one stand without losing independent positioning flexibility. The A27M permits coincident or closely spaced mounting with a wide range of directional angles and vertical microphone separations of 1 1/4 inches (31.8 mm) 2 5/8 inches (66.7 mm) or 4 inches (102 mm). The A27M consists of two vertically stacked sections that rotate on their centers. Each contains a 5/8"-27 threaded stud and locking ring to accept a variety of microphones. The bottom section contains a 5/8"-27 adapter for mounting on a microphone stand. A cable clamp for holding microphone cables is included.
£75 GBPounds