Sony ECM-44BMP Omni-directional Lapel Microphone
The affordable omni-directional Electret Condenser Lavalier Microphone with locking 1/8" Mini Phone Plug.For use with Sony wireless packs.

**Tuned for voice pick-up** - The ECM-44s capsule features an emphasis curve and a suitable frequency response for voice pick-up.**Compact size** - The capsule has a diameter of only 8.5mm and is 14.5mm long.**Specifications*** **Frequency Response** - 40 Hz - 15 kHz* **Max SPL (sound pressure)** - 122dB* **Weight** - 2g (microphone capsule)* **Dimensions** - 8.5 mm diameter 14.5mm long**Supplied Accessories*** Tie Clip* Operation Instructions
£174.99 GBPounds