Sony F-720 Dynamic Microphone with On/Off switch
The Sony F-720 Microphone for voice pick-up in sound reinforcement and recording systems.

* **High quality dynamic capsule** - The F-720s capsule delivers excellent sound quality and is highly robust.* **Low handling noise** - Handling noise occurs when an object comes into contact with the microphone contributing an unwanted noise in the output signal. The most common sources of handling noise being when the presenter changing his/her hand grip or he/she fits the microphone on to a stand. The F-720s mechanical construction features a shock-mounted capsule that helps to reduce the effects of handling noise.* **On/Off switch** - The integral On/Off switch allows the presenter to mute the microphone when not in use.* **High sensitivity** - The microphone capsule uses a neodymium magnet that provides a high sensitivity response.**Specifications*** **Frequency Response:** 50 Hz - 13 kHz* **Directivity:** cardioid* **Weight:** 260g* **Dimensions:** Diameter 37.6 mm length 160 mm
£184.99 GBPounds