• Are you a cabaret singer?
• Do you ever work with a band or orchestra?
• Are you learning to play an instrument or read music?

If the answer to any of the above is yes, then you need Sheet Music. When it comes to finding sheet music Google is your best friend - there are many companies online there who have massive catalogues of digital sheet music which you can download and print out immediately.

Unlike buying sheet music in a shop, digital sheet music is instantly available and never out of stock. You can generally browse hundreds of thousands of titles from the comfort of your own home, order and pay online and download/print the sheet music on your very own printer.

It's quick, it's simple, and it'll save you time (and money). We guarantee that downloading digital sheet music will totally change the way you buy sheet music forever.

There's just one little piece of advice we'd give beforehand though. Most online digital sheet music companies tend to use algorhythms to change the key of the music so it's not uncommon for there to be wrong notes in them. Similarly some sections can sometimes be written a little weird, not the way a human would write (after all, it is a computer that's creating the music sheet) so just be aware of these little things.

Our best advice is ALWAYS get a competent musician friend to manually check out your music sheets before you go handing them out to a band.

All that said, you'll save a fortune buying your music sheets online - it'll work out a fraction of the cost of getting them written out by hand by an old fashioned arranger.

So go on, get Googling now!

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