Onstage Performer

It would appear that the makers of Onstage Performer
ceased trading without letting any of their customers (including us) know.
Unfortunately we have no information regarding whether they
intend to re-instate their websites again or resume their support forum.

...Control and automate your stage lights, harmonizer,
vocal processor etc from a mp3 backing track!

...It sounds unbelievable, but now it's possible!

Kenny Campbell, CEO of MP3 Backing Trax writes:

"I've got to tell you, when Ken Revak showed me his OnStage Performer program, I was shocked! Never before have I ever seen anything like this and, as a performer myself, I want to share it with you"

OnStage Performer is a software program which runs on your computer/laptop and is used for the production and performance of stage shows for vocalists, solo acts, duos and small bands. It's breakthrough features integrates mp3 (or wav) backing track playback, lyrics, lighting and effect processor control to provide an unparalleled ease of stageshow production and performance never seen before. All you need is a laptop or a computer and a usb to midi cable/interface and you're set. We at MP3 backing Trax were truly knocked out when we discovered this amazing program! We think you will be too...

How it works:
Load your mp3 backing tracks in to the OnStage Performer program, mark the song parts and then add whatever MIDI effects you require to control your vocal processors (reverbs, echo etc), guitar effects pedals, vocal harmonizers, lighting controllers etc - in fact any midi capable device can be used! OnStage Performer will remember and faithfully reproduce your full stage show from start to finish.

• Effects and lighting control is integrated with mp3 backing track playback.
• Quicker setup/tear-down time by not having to hook up and debug your sound modules and miles of cables.
• Lighten the load on your van (not to mention your poor back)! Now there's no need to haul your expensive and sensitive hi-tech equipment to each gig and risk it being stolen or damaged.
• Leave those temperamental sound modules in your studio and enjoy the same totally consistent sound in every venue.
• Large bright keyboard operated interface with no tiny icons which can be easily accessed mid-song or mid-show in dimly lit stages.
• Import the words of your songs in to OnStage Performer. You needn't ever forget the words to a song again (and...save on rehearsal time - you can try out new songs at a gig without having to spend days learn all the words first)!
• Easily create and control your stage show.
• Special Introductory Price: $!99.95 $149.95 (approx. £85 GBPounds)

About OnStage Performer:
OnStage Performer was been designed by a musician who has made his living on the road for over 10 years, OnStage Performer is equipped to make both your job easier and your performance better. Casting aside studio requirements, the designer concentrated on making you, the entertainer look good and sound great. Although sequencer programs and MIDI sound modules have revolutionized music production by raising production standards, they have done little to make performance any easier and to this day, still really belong at home in your recording studio, not out on the road. Anyone who has tried to use them on stage will know the frustration that they cause. Sadly, the features that make them great production tools cause them to be difficult and awkward to use in a live environment. Now, however, OnStage Performer enables your stage show to exhibit the same professionalism in performance that you demand in production.

Great for vocalists:
Play your mp3 backing tracks with integrated harmonizer control to provide a fuller richer stage sound and presence. Alter the chord and structure throughout the song for a more dynamic performance. You no longer need to be stuck with a single harmony setting during a song or your entire set. The automatic transition between songs lets you spend more time working the crowd instead of your playback equipment. Imagine being able to take requests from your audience without having to look for floppys or minidiscs. On the fly set ordering and song selection allows you even more freedom to cater to the audience.

Easy to operate:
There are no exotic studio features to get in the way. OnStage Performer has large bright keyboard operated interface with no tiny icons. It has been designed with live stage use in mind.

Optimized Performer mode:
The special "Performer mode" dispenses with production and maintenance capabilities and concentrates on what you need to make your performance great. The color coded conductor helps you keep your place in the song. Tuxedo color scheme provides for maximum visibility without lighting up the stage in monitor glare. Functions are accessible from the keyboard so there is no need to fumble for the mouse when on stage. You can start with predefined sets or mix and match as your requirements dictate. You can quickly look up songs by artist, style or title and easily respond to popular songs and requests to keep the place rocking. Launch songs or make automatic transitions at a key press. Lyrics can be shown (or hidden). Large bright text provides for a natural stage presence without being tethered to the monitor. Playing time and elapsed time indicators ensure that you meet your gig commitments. The automatic transitions between songs are specially useful for letting you work your audience instead of the computer. "Problem tracking" requires just a few keystrokes to allow you to quickly note any problems to be fixed later so there's no more writing things on paper notes or forgetting to correct things before the next gig.

Integrated Effect, Processor and Harmonizer Control:
Create named midi sequences to control effects, processors, harmonizers and lighting controllers. Bind these into your song for playback during performance. Any midi capable device can be used. You have complete control over the placement and patches used and rather than entering the same note numbers, patch and program change numbers over and over again, OnStage Performer lets you define your processors and create the patches you need. Each processor patch consists of a sequence of midi commands (note on, off, patch, control change etc) that make a specific setting in your device. From then on you can refer to the sequence using descriptive names. Make sense of your production by using names like "Rhythm Chorus" and "Dim Blue with Vocal Spot" rather than obscure midi note/controller/patch numbers. This is even more useful with harmonizers or lighting units where, as you probably know, it takes up to a dozen midi commands to lock onto the setting you want!

Blue not dim enough?

Turn it down in one place and have all songs respond to the new values. Reconfigure your cabling scheme without fear. Change the port or channel number in one place and OnStage Performer adjusts to your new wiring. If you introduce new, or upgrade your old equipment, all you need to do is change the processor patch entries and you're done! The program ships with a set of the most popular processors to get you up and running quickly. Use them as is, or refine them, modify them and add to them as you desire.

Changed your mind about the amount of flange/fuzz/reverb/etc you want?

Turn it down in one place and your entire repertoire will use the new setting. No more going through each and every song to find and correct your settings.

Predefined or a la carte sets:
Create playlists to showcase your talents and still respond to crowd dynamics. You have complete control over song order and transitions while the performer allows you to mix and match as you need. Automatic transitions allows you to keep the flow by playing songs back to back.
Pauses allow you to chat up the audience. Automatic transitions allow you stage freedom. You are no longer tethered to your monitor.

Plays MP3 and wav files:
Based on DirectX, OnStage Performer plays files supported by your installed codecs. You are no longer dependant on your sound modules during your performance so you have less equipment...which means less problems. Reduced dependence on sound modules allows you to develop songs using samples and synth sounds that you have in your computer that wouldn't be available when you gig. Save thousands of pounds or dollars buying new equipment - you could rent or borrow high quality modules just to produce your audio rather than having to buy them outright. Now there's no need to buy or haul around modules just for the sake of the one or two good sounds they make. Never again will MIDI drop outs wreck your finely crafted sound. get a consistent sound by eliminating MIDI dependencies on stage so you can leave your studio gear where it belongs, in your studio, and spend time crafting your music rather than routing miles of cables. Develop your stage show better by hearing at home exactly what the audience at the venue will hear. Less equipment means there's more room in your car or van. Pack along your sweetheart instead of a cabinet full of racked modules!

Grow your performance:
Want to upgrade your equipment but are frozen in place because of your dependence on midi events imbedded in your sequences? OnStage Performer aids your migration by allowing you to change the midi commands in one place and have all your songs use the new settings. Swap equipment and keep your performance with little effort. Refine your lighting in one place and have all your songs benefit.

Convince Yourself:
Don't just take our word for it...download the trial version and see for yourself. The trial version is a complete functional copy of OnStage Performer (with the limitation that it will only load 5 songs). This allows you to try all the features and capabilities of OnStage Performer.

You'll be truly amazed just as we at MP3 Backing Trax were!

You can visit the manufacturers website to take a tour of the software - view screen shots, demonstration videos, how to Videos, song creation and editing and performance activities.

Technical Requirements:
To run the OnStage Performer program, you will need:

• Windows 98, 2000 or XP (XP recommended, WinMe is not recommended)
• DirectX 9 (which you can download free from Microsoft if you don't have it)
• A PC or laptop with 200Mhz or higher processor
• Sound card (OnStage Performer works with virtually any sound card supported by Windows)
• A MIDI port on your computer/laptop or a USB to MIDI cable/interface to control your processors and lighting equipment.