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Most problems that customers can experience while using our shopping cart are because "cookies" are not enabled on your browser (and/or you are trying to make an order using an AOL browser).

For best results, always use Microsoft Internet Explorer (5 or above) and make sure that the privacy settings and security settings in IE are not set too high (as this can block the shopping cart from tracking your purchases). If you are unable to order, check your SECURITY settings and PRIVACY settings in Internet Explorer (you'll find them at the top left hand corner under Tools/Internet Options). If they are set above "medium" your computer may block you from submitting an order.

The next most common thing that stops your computer from being able to make an order is the MSN toolbar, Google toolbar and Yahoo toolbar (if you have one of these installed, you'll see the logo sitting underneath the address bar of Internet Explorer). These need to be uninstalled or disabled or your computer will constantly block you from accessing the shopping cart and all you'll see when you view cart or get to the checkout is an empty shopping cart!

Also, if you are using pop-up stoppers or have javascript disabled on your browser, these will also cause your PC to block access to our order system. Some AntiVirus programs will stop ordering information from submitting.

Please don't hesitate to contact us if you are experiencing trouble and need any more help.

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