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(Examples of webpages designed using "Page Builder")

How can we do all this for free?

Ah...I thought you'd ask that! Well, you see everyone who works at MP3 Backing Trax is a gigging entertainer, just like you, so the "Yourspace" webpage section has been set up to give something back to you, the entertainers, who have helped make our backing tracks site one of the biggest suppliers of backing tracks to professional entertainers on the internet today.

And, who knows, if you get more gigs through your "Yourspace" webpage, you may just want to buy some new backing tracks from us to keep your repertoire up to date!

But don't worry if you're not a customer, or never have been a customer of MP3 Backing Trax , we don't mind! You're still an Entertainer, just like us, so we still want to offer you a Free "Yourspace" webpage just the same. what have you got to lose?
It costs nothing so...

Bookers...Find an entertainer

Are you looking to book an act? Then click on the country links on the top left-hand side of this page to view our growing list of professional artistes from all over the world - from solo singers to bands, duos, trios, clowns, comedy acts, musicians, tribute artistes etc. Perfect for your club, pub, theatre, corporate or any other functions.

When you make an enquiry about any of the entertainers on our pages, your enquiry goes DIRECTLY to the entertainers themselves, so you are dealing personally with the act you want to book.

By dealing direct with artists, you can usually book them for 15 - 20% less than you would normally pay by going through their agent AND you receive a totally personal service from the acts themselves.

It makes more sense to discuss your exact requirements with the actual person who is going to perform for you rather than a third party.

It's also well known in entertainment circles that agents often "borrow" acts from each other to meet commitments and it's not unknown for an agent to send you an act that he hasn't even SEEN or HEARD!

So to ensure the very best entertainment, book your acts DIRECT - you'll find contact details for each act displayed on their individual webpages.