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FREE Unzip Tool

Unzip ANY Type Of Zip File With Ease... Perfect For Unzipping Backing Tracks Or Any Other Type Of Zip File

Most people who are familiar with downloading things from the internet will already have come across zip files many times.

Even if you're not familiar with zip files you've probably downloaded lots of stuff from the internet which was zipped and don't even know it because many computers download and unzip the files automatically for you.

A zip is basically just a 'container' which is wrapped around the file you're downloading to make it easier for your computer to manage. Think of a jar of instant coffee. The coffee is inside the jar. To get the coffee, you have to open the jar.

In this case, the zip file can be considered to be the 'jar' and the mp3 file that you want is the 'coffee' inside. The 'zip' is simply a container that's wrapped around the mp3 file so it can be downloaded.

Almost all types of files can be "zipped". It makes them easier to manage when they need to be transferred over the internet. The mp3 file extension can be confusing to some browsers and operating systems and it's not unusal for browsers like Internet Explorer and Firefox etc to attempt to "play" an mp3 file instead of downloading and saving it like it's supposed to.

So for this reason, all our MP3 backing tracks have been "zipped" (when you download them they have the file extension .zip) which prompts your browser to download and save the file.

You shouldn't really have to worry about any of this though, because once you've downloaded your files, they can be unzipped by simply double-clicking on them. Your computer will then reveal the mp3 file inside.

Just remember to play the the mp3 file in you media player, not the original zip file you downloaded(!). Most music media players won't play an mp3 file while it's still inside its zip.

In the unlikely event your computer encounters a problem unzipping your tracks, there's a free unzip program called 7Zip that I can highly recommend at

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